About IQAC

The IQAC Cell of the college works towards improving and maintaining the quality of education, identifying and suggesting new ways of using teaching aids, developing suitable infrastructure, and offering suggestions for the new market oriented courses.

IQAC is an effective and efficient internal coordinating and monitoring mechanism.

The IQAC plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the institution and suggests quality enhancement measures to be adopted.

In the year 20-21 The IQAC conducted 10 meetings to plan, direct, implement and evaluate the teaching, learning, evaluation, research, and publication activities in the College.

The IQAC strives to spread quality culture through quality enhancement initiatives and best practices.

IQAC initiatives:

1. Feedback analysis received from Students. Strategic Plan 2020-2021 Enhancing quality in teaching, learning and evaluation process. Assist students in exploring opportunities. Student all round development. Make the student a better citizen with social responsibility. Contribution to Environmental Protection. Ensuring gender sensitivity & equity. Women empowerment Achieving academic excellence. To spread awareness among the students about HIV/AIDS. To make students physical fitness and health conscious. No of policies developed by the Institution and details.

2. Coordinates with all stakeholders for their opinions and advice for quality improvement. Analysis about the feedback received from all stakeholders and informs the concerned about its outcome for correction.

3. Getting updated on latest information on various quality parameters of higher education through various articles & institutes visit.

4. Encourages and provides support for quality improvement in teaching, research & administration.

5. Documentation of the various programs /activities leading to quality• improvement. Planning and Support effective implementation for Total Quality• management, Teaching-Learning and evaluation, Research, and Extension activities.